Innovative Global Education

Tania has worked with our single subject teachers at the International School of Uganda both face to face and over skype conferencing.  Tania is able to take our ideas and turn them into a finished planner.  Tania is a coach for teachers.  Tania encourages, motivates and trains teachers to take their concept based teaching to the next level.  Tania holds full knowledge of all subject areas and can assist in teachers across all grade levels to amend and further their planners.   Tania has guided us in developing subject specific central ideas, key concepts with conceptual questions and subject related concepts. Tania has guided us in how to make our planners more transdisciplinary.  Tania has also established a higher value of the single subjects among the homeroom teachers and assisted us in being more central in planning with homeroom teachers.  We gained so much from her on site visit, we have her scheduled to return again, one year later, to continue our professional development.  

Lucy Elliot and Amanda Earnest
Single Subject Coordinator and French teacher/ Music Teacher International School of Uganda

Tania has been a key factor in moving our school forward by helping us to develop our collective understanding of how learners construct understandings though conceptually driven inquiry. Tania has guided our learning journey, through the construction of our PoI, evaluating our central ideas, planning around concepts and providing differentiated opportunities for a balance of guided and open inquiries. Tania's ongoing visits have inspired teachers and administrators alike. We are looking forward to continuing our professional development with IGE.

Tasha Cowdy
PYP Coordinator, Anglo American School Moscow

I recommend Tania Lattanzio as someone who will engage teams of teachers to make significant changes in their practice whilst building their sense of efficacy. We needed help developing our scope and sequence for world languages and asked Tania  to work for two days with a team of teachers. We were aiming to develop a scope and sequence which was concept-drive yet also identifying key skills and knowledge. We were hoping to arrive at a common scope and sequence for both romanized and Asian character-based languages even though this was felt to be impossible in previous attempts.

The results far exceeded our expectations. Tania has immense expertise not only in concept-based learning but also in empowering teachers. She ensured the effective collaboration of eight experienced languages teachers,each  with different perspectives and opinions and within two days had guided them in creating an exciting and practical curriculum document. As a result of the thinking they went through the team is more confident about concepts and already planning ways in which to begin to reorganise their units. I was extremely impressed with how Tania was able to keep everyone included in the process but to maintain the pace of planning. She was also able to use her own expertise as an intervention whilst not dominating the process- developing a genuine professional inquiry. As a result we have an agreed scope and sequence, framed by conceptual understandings which is common to French, Spanish, Mandarin and Thai languages and an excited team. We will certainly ask Tania to support us again in similar or different projects. Our teachers loved working with her and are highly motivated to explore conceptual teaching and learning further as a result of their experience.
Julian Edwards
Head of Learning, NIST International School, Bangkok