Innovative Global Education

Tania Lattanzio of Innovative Global Education (IGE) worked with Vientiane International School in 2013 to facilitate our whole school two year professional development focus on inquiry-based learning.  We were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Tania who is a highly professional facilitator to develop whole school understandings of inquiry based learning.  The EY-12 workshops were targeted at creating collaboration across the IB Continuum and provided opportunities for teachers to learn from each other, develop greater understandings of the three programmes and engage in positive and productive discussions about what inquiry based learning looks like, feels like and sounds like at different age groups.  Tania was able to bring together a diverse group of teachers and instructional assistants through an interactive and thought provoking workshop that opened cross school conversations and provided a catalyst for ongoing collaboration.

As a secondary team we valued the skills and expertise that Tania brought to the school, how she facilitated and encouraged professional dialogue, provoked critical reflection and challenged assumptions.  Tania worked with the secondary team and with subject teams to explore challenges and advantages of inquiry based learning.  She quickly developed a supportive and safe learning environment with a strong focus on tools and strategies and as a result the secondary team embraced the pedagogy, applied tools and strategies in practice and engaged in critical reflection of their effectiveness.  The sessions and ongoing support provided by Tania built teacher knowledge and skills, empowered teachers by increasing their confidence and built capacity within the team. 

Kim Green
Secondary Principal, Vientiane International School - Head of Secondary - International School Dhaka - August 2014

Tania Lattanzio delivered an outstanding 4 - day professional development program with teachers at our school during this year’s in-service.  Her expertise and commitment to planning, delivering, and assessing curriculum with each student in mind, and her ability to provide both structure and flexibility in discussions about what is best for the students in our school, created the conditions that have raised the standards of teaching and learning while energizing teachers and making them excited about the possibilities to enrich our programs.  It is hard to imagine that another consultant could have accomplished as much as she has in just 4 days.  Her program combined workshops with full faculty, special subject teachers, and team discussions with grade level teachers.  She has grounded her recommended approaches in the research that supports best inquiry-based practice, provided us with frameworks to organize planning, and shared concrete tools and strategies to assist in challenging and supporting each child while delivering units of inquiry.  She has guided us so expertly, and has shared her knowledge generously and passionately to inspire that all of our efforts are grounded in a keen focus on the best possible outcome for each student’s learning and growth.    

Mary Catherine Chua
Dean of School, The Beacon School

We have worked with Innovative Global Education and Tania Lattanzio on several occasions over the past few years. The service is personal and tailor made to fit our needs, every effort is made to ensure that PD fits your school ethos, curriculum, staff and community. This in turn ensures staff are comfortable and able to share were they feel they need support, and helps the leadership team in ensuring this happens. Excellent expertise and support.  Thank you, and we hope to work with you again next year

June van de Bos
Primary Principal KIS International School - Bangkok

Tania has been an outstanding support to our school offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of pedagogy.  Tania’s enthusiasm for supporting schools on their pursuit of academic excellence is palpable.  Tania has worked as an external consultant for our school to support our staff  with professional development  in teaching conceptually and in differentiation.  In Tania’s visits to our school, she has always taken the time meet the needs of the school as a whole as well as knowing how to take individual teachers to the next level of their understanding. She is committed to what she does and is well respected by our staff. What Tania does best is taking teachers from where they are at and making them better at what they do.

Gerry Campbell
Vice Principal KIS International School - Bangkok