Innovative Global Education

Tania is an inspirational educator and a passionate facilitator of professional development. The reason we developed a long-term relationship with her is that she is able to detect the specific needs of a school at different stages and design relevant, engaging professional development accordingly.  Also, she understands how good teaching and learning works in different culture settings as well. She has been a really valuable source for our professional development and school transformation.

Shi, He
PYP Coordinator Beijing Huijia Private School

IGE have proved an excellent partner for our in-house Professional Development.  We have built a strong relationship over the past few years and all their workshops are tailor made to reflect the needs of the school and also the individual nature of the school. The workshops incorporate recent research and provide practical examples of how to apply the content in both curriculum planning and the classroom.

Helen Sharrock
Head of Primary/Deputy Director Stonehill International School Bangalore India

I am the MYP coordinator and Vice Principal  of Beijing Huijia Private School.  We invited Tania Lattanzio to organize workshops for our MYP teachers and DP teachers on Inquiry and concept in June , 2012 and Dec. 2013. She is an expert in these aspects.  In the workshops, she organized a lot of interesting activities and showed good examples, which helped our teachers  to understand the importance of concept-based teaching and learning much better,  experiencing the inquiry process and becoming more confident in using different inquiry teaching strategies in the classroom. We really appreciate her help in the process of MYP implementation in our school.

Diana Li
MYP Coordinator and Vice Principal Beijing Huijia Private School

Andrea's understanding of conceptual curriculum and inquiry learning is second to none. She provides PLD to us on a 'just in time' basis. Regardless of the types of questions we ask, she always has an answer that will challenge our thinking and help us continue to move forward. She is up to date with what is happening globally in education. Andrea is able to tailor sessions to suit small groups, whole staff, one on one - nothing we have asked has been a problem. We always come away from sessions with Andrea feeling inspired and ready to think more critically about teaching and learning in our school.

Rachel McCarten
Curriculum Coordinator Auckland Normal Intermediate New Zealand