Innovative Global Education
Setting the Scene

The following modules are available for all educators, administration and/or for small groups. The duration and content of these modules is flexible.

An interactive and collaborative professional learning approach will be used in trainings. Current and authentic examples of relevant and innovative classroom practice will be used to support the modules.

Innovative Global Education builds partnerships with schools and teachers to provide ongoing expertise in pedagogy.

The following modules are designed to support teachers in changing pedagogy.

Moving from traditional pedagogy to inquiry

Introducing strategies to plan for, record and support authentic inquiry in real-world context

Formative Assessment - Learning in Action

Defining, using and developing specific formative assessment techniques for the teacher and student for successful learning.

Collaborative and cooperative learning

Exploring practical options for forming different kinds of groups for specific purposes and how to make collaborative and cooperative learning work in your classroom.

Embedding digital learning into the curriculum

Investigating creative ways to use digital tools to help engage and energize your students.

Classroom management

Introducing techniques and strategies for effective student/teacher interaction that will provide approaches for managing a positive learning environment