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Learn Reflect Collaborate: IGE Workshops Singapore March 2019
Mar 02 2019
Australian International School Singapore

 Innovative Global Education

Professional Development Opportunity

Australian International School, Singapore

02-03 March 2019

Each workshop leader has been selected based on their expertise in the area they are presenting. Each workshop takes place for one and half days and when you register, you register to be in that workshop for the duration of the event.


The workshop offerings are listed below. To find out more details about the workshop, the workshop leader and to register click on the URL link.

Authentic Assessment for Active Learning

Workshop Leader: Andrea Muller

Registration Link:


Understanding Conceptual Learning in the Early Years

Workshop Leader: Tania Lattanzio & Anne VanDam 

Registration Link:


Let Me Play! Exploring the Role of Play, the Environment and Learner Agency in Learning and Teaching 

Workshop Leader: Joshua Blue

Registration Link:


Successful Strategies and Techniques in Chinese Language Classroom

Workshop Leader: Linda Li

Registration Link:


Word Inquiry: Strengthening Vocabulary, Spelling and Reading through an Inquiry-based Approach

Workshop Leader: Fiona Hamilton

Registration Link:


Supporting Learner Agency in Your Context

Workshop Leader:Taryn BondClegg

Registration Link:


The Role of Documentation of Play and Inquiry-Based Learning in the Early Years

Workshop Leader:Fiona Zinn

Registration Link:


Working with EAL (English as an Additional Language) Learners: Considerations and Strategies

Workshop Leader: Beth Dressler

Registration Link: