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May 17 2014
Australian International School Singapore
Feedback from the May 17-18 2014
Traces of Learning: Documenting Young Children’s Learning 
Presenter: Fiona Zinn, Hobart, Australia
Discussions and reflections of current practices 
Really transformed my concept of documentation 
Lots of tips how to document effectively and meaningfully
Mathematics and Inquiry in the Elementary School: Where do I start?
Presenter: Mignon Weckert, Singapore 
Inspiring articles that challenged my current practice 
Learning about math activities that involve inquiry 
Time to plan together to process our learning  
Working with English as an Additional Language (EAL) Learners: Practical Classroom Application and Strategies 
Presenter: Beth Queeney-Dressler, Bangkok, Thailand
Lots of useful practical strategies & time for discussion 
A wonderful workshop and the leader Beth was amazing. She was energetic, informative and used a lot of resources such as wikispaces and google docs that allows us to continue sharing ideas.
Really enjoyed the course and it has given our EAL team many ideas for improving and amending our program/assesments.
Inquiry Centered Leadership
Presenter: Dr. Richard Owens, Singapore 
Flexible presenter - changed and adapted workshop to suit group members
I found the workshop highly thought provoking and more relevant to my current role than I predicted. 
Learned new aspects of leadership and new methods in problem solving
Creative Leadership
Presenter: Julian Edwards, Bangkok, Thailand 
Challenging ones thinking and being able to apply strategies or exercises to many different settings.
Leaving the workshop with a plan of action for our own school settings 
An amazing workshop, full of brilliant ideas, advices and best practices on how to become a better team leader using innovation and creative ways to support a team.
Unlock Your Mind: Creativity in the Chinese Language Classroom
Presenter:Lilan Wong, Hong Kong 
Art Connections
Presenter: Theo Mandziy, Singapore
Thank you also for openly sharing the stunningly hard earned results of your vision and Art Inquiry craft.
Thank you for bringing us all together and leading our inquiry.
It has been an honour and privilege to share, reflect and learn together.